Our Story

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In an age where we’re glued to our phones, and where many people only experience things through social media, we created the Game Show Studio to offer an immersive environment to bring people together to share an experience, laugh, and forge lifelong memories with those we love.

We built the Game Show Studio to pay homage to the pioneers of the industry, bringing an experience to life that many dream of, but only few have had the opportunity to live. We sincerely hope you enjoy your time at the Game Show Studio! Game on!

Our Cornerstones

Laugh & Smile

Every game is filled with laughter and smiles that light up your day.

Create Memories

We craft unforgettable experiences that will become core memories to last a lifetime.

Come Together

The game show experience brings family, friends, and coworkers together to share in the fun.

Surprise + Delight

Our shows are designed to captivate and amaze, delivering unexpected twists and joyful moments for our audience.

Unforgettable moments

When it all comes together with our community of performers and you, the contestants, we create moments!

“ I wanted to reach out and let you know what an amazing time my family had tonight. Jacksee and Philip were amazing, but what they didn’t know is that our dad, “Old Stud Muffin” , was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer right before Christmas, and was only given a very short time frame with us. This most likely was our last get together, where we could all be there together. Jacksee and Philip didn’t know any of this, but still saw the same qualities in my dad that we see, and made the focus about him. What an amazing memory we were able to create as a family thanks to Game Show Studio, but especially Jacksee and Philip. Thank you again!”

– Tiffany

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